About Fjordtank

Fjordtank was founded back in 2004 by three captains who have a great passion for ships and sailing. The owners have for the past 10years worked as captains onboard their vessels, together with running daily business at the office in Gothenburg.

The aim of Fjordtank has always been to work hard for their customers, the safest and best working environment for their crews, and to do the outmost to protect our wonderful waters of northern Europe.

The business idea of Fjordtank is to own and manage modern high-class tankers for their own group, and also if requested to manage tankers for other owners.

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  • Fjord One rebuilding

    Fjord one has during shipyard stay in Nov 2014 made a complete rebuilding of 

    cargo piping system and is after this upgrade able to carry two full segregations!




  • 26 May 2014

    New Website Launch

    Explore our new website!

“We aim for perfection and top maintenance of the vessels.
Our quest is to serve customers in the best possible way.”



Tel: +46-31291594

Fjord One

Tel: +46-708806199 / +49-1632438633

Andreas Magnusson

Tel : +46-707254905

Patrik Ulmfelt

Tel: +46-708983322

Elias Magnusson

Tel: +46-704401721